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An Introduction to Soft Washing


Many people are pretty familiar with pressure washing. Hoses, sprayer guns, and little gas-powered engines come to mind for most. But have you heard of soft washing? Do you understand what it means? Why is yet another service being offered on the market, and should you pay any attention to it?  

On average, it rains close to 300 inches annually in the Fraser Valley and Vancouver. That’s more than 23 feet in just a year! It’s clear to most we get a lot of rain. Wet and humid climates like ours provide the perfect recipe for all sorts of organic growth everywhere. Moss, mould, algae, various types of mildew, and lichen, in some extreme cases, are the main types of unwanted growth. If water could eliminate these, then rain would be the perfect solution. However, this is not the case. And that’s where Zander SoftWash comes in; we love to take on this massive army of organic growth that’s seriously everywhere and actually get rid of it. We’re offering an environmentally safe and superb cost-benefit solution.

How does this compare to what we have termed “traditional cleaning methods?” The term soft washing accurately describes what it is. We know pressure washing uses a high flow rate of water to cause growth to be “moved off” the surface. In contrast, soft washing uses minimal pressure with cleaning solutions to kill off all unwanted organic growth totally. When roofs, siding, driveways, and the like are soft-washed, the visible growth is not just mostly gone. The growth that existed is now permanently gone. What this will mean for your home is that it will look cleaner for much longer.

The industry standard pressure washer uses a minimum of 4,000 PSI. Our soft washing system uses an average of 70 PSI. As you can see, that’s an incredible difference! We lightly apply our solution with water, let dwell, then rinse.

When you use high pressure to clean, you run into two significant problems. First, high pressure can easily damage the surface you are trying to clean. For example, pressure washing a typical asphalt-shingled roof will remove material each time. Thus high pressure shortens the lifespan of the roof. Secondly, as briefly mentioned above, high-pressurized water doesn’t truly clean. Getting your surface “looking” clean through pressure washing will have limited effectiveness. Within the year, generally, you will begin to see that frustrating green start to reappear. We know of a better way for you and your home.

When we come and clean, we prevent the growth from reproducing itself. Will you need to get your home cleaned again in the future? Yes, absolutely. However, the benefit is that it won’t be nearly as often. Some customers are reporting clean homes for four-plus years. This, in turn, is a huge cost-savings for you, not to mention the convenience of enjoying a clean home longer with less work.

Whether you’ve had your home for many years or you just bought your home. Soft washing can be a great way to a great way to make it look clean and help it to last longer. If you want to sell your home, a fresh soft wash can do beautiful things to improve your listing. Who knows, it might be the “one thing” making the difference for your buyer.
When your home is clean, when it’s enjoyable to look at, and when you can finally see out of your windows, it makes a world of difference. We are confident you will become a believer in the soft washing difference. We guarantee that our services will have your house feeling much more like a home.

We take pleasure in providing the best exterior cleaning solution available and delivering excellent customer service. And if you’re not 100% satisfied with our services, we will do everything reasonably possible to correct that. Click here to let us know if you’d like to learn more or have your home cleaned, looking picture-perfect!