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Zander SoftWash Ltd. offers a wide range of house-washing services for you. Whether you have a single-unit home or townhouse, we have got you covered! Do you have an apartment building, a hotel, an office building, a restaurant, or a warehouse that needs to be cleaned? Good news, we can accommodate commercial clients too!

Roof Washing


We are ready to clean a wide variety of different roofs.  We’re outfitted to tackle any type of slope your home has, be it gable, hip shed or others.  If we can’t climb on top, we will apply our solution from the ground.  We have specialized cleaning solution for asphalt, metal, wood, rubber, composite, concrete, clay, etc.

Siding Washing


The most common types of siding are vinyl, hardy board, stucco, concrete, and brick. Over time, pesky black and green varying types of fungi can dominate siding. Thankfully, we’re here to offer a soft washing service to kill and remove these contemptible growths. We’ll have your home looking its finest in no time!

Driveway Cleaning


Driveways can be everything from simple to extravagant. They do not just serve practical purposes; they can be great visual pieces to a home and landscape too! Most are concrete, exposed aggregate, asphalt (AKA “blacktop”), or made with paver stones. For a driveway that sees weather and traffic, upkeep will be required.

Window Washing


Many a word have been written about windows. They are a portal to the outside world and life through the light that shines in! Through the natural course of time, weather, and surrounding circumstances, windows can get dirty and sometimes impossible to see out of. We offer window washing alongside our other soft washing services.

Sidewalk Cleaning


Most homes have sidewalks that lead paths from the front to the backyard. Often they are made of concrete, and sometimes they are done with paver stones. As another material exposed to the elements and everyday usage, sidewalks usually darken with dirt and grime. Clean sidewalks can make a significant impact to your home’s visual appeal!

Soffit & Gutter Cleaning

Soffits & Gutters

Gutters can quickly fill with leaves, pine needles, cedar, and other miscellaneous materials. Full gutters mean a lack of efficient drainage and a dirty house. We clean out gutters, and we wash them too. We also clean various kinds of soffit, vinyl, wood, aluminum, vented and not vented. We take necessary precautions to handle them with care.

Patio & Deck Cleaning

Patios & Decks

If you have a deck, patio, or gazebo that’s stained, painted, covered, attached, or detached in the front or the back, we’ll clean it! No problem if you have metal, wood, composite or glass; we’ll custom tailor our soft washing for your surface. Let us make your place for gathering outside clean and enjoyable!

Shed Washing


Whether you have a custom-built or prefabricated shed, we’re ready to clean its roof, windows and siding. We also wash lean-tos, greenhouses, and other structures attached or detached from your home, garage, shop or shed. Being made from similar materials to your home, they dirty just the same, and keeping them clean is necessary.


Soft washing is an ideal solution for different types of fencing, especially those with paint and stain coatings. We’re here to help you achieve efficient maintenance with the longevity of your home and yard at the forefront. We clean wood panel, picket, lattice, vinyl, chain-link, and even other related items such as pergolas, arches and gates!

Landscape Retaining Walls

We offer specialized cleaning for your rock, brick, block, concrete and wood retaining walls. Sometimes they’re purely functional, other times for curb appeal, while most serve both purposes. We take particular care to wash them safely to avoid damaging garden areas. This service is suitable before re-staining wood and also for general maintenance.