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Driveway Cleaning

How to Keep Your Driveway Looking Good


British Columbia is a vast and beautiful province on the West Coast of Canada. Public transit is used minimally in the southwestern regions, commonly referred to as the Lower Mainland or Fraser Valley. You’ll find parking lots and driveways in abundance from Chilliwack to Surrey. Vancouver is lesser with its increased density. Cars and other vehicles are a regular part of most people’s lives. Around the home, driveways are generally among the quickest things to get dirty. Unfortunately, dirty driveways are not hard to notice. Gravel and dirt driveways can be found; however, they are not common. It’s a popular preference here to drive, park and walk on clean driveways. Poured concrete driveways are the most common. Concrete driveways have a small variety of finishes; brush-finished, exposed aggregate, specially coloured, and stamped. If not concrete, the following most common driveway material is asphalt. Asphalt can be lesser expensive, especially for large driveways. It is also referred to as “black-top.” Most public roads in Canada are made from asphalt. Asphalt roads are easy and comfortable to drive on. And, (pending weather) they’re quick to pave. The other remaining driveway materials needing mention are cobblestone, brick and landscape paver driveways. “Pavers,” as some refer to them, tend to last long. They can look great as part of your overall exterior landscape.

Regardless of material type, regular maintenance is crucial. Driveways can easily suffer stains and marks from oil, tires, and lawn cuttings. For newly poured concrete driveways, it’s key to have it professionally sealed before use. This will be the biggest preventative of stains, marks, dirt, and bacterial growth. A sealant coating on concrete will do a good job of protecting the surface. This coating won’t last forever; it’ll need cleaning and re-sealing after use and time.

Asphalt driveways require a slightly different process than concrete. And not all stains on asphalt can be removed. When an asphalt driveway is paved, it has a protective coating mixed in with the material. This coating is why a road looks dark and pretty when newly paved. It gets much lighter after much traffic and age. Thus, the industry recognizes pressure washing as a high-risk cleaning method. If you desire to have your black-top cleaned, the safest way is with a garden hose and no chemicals. If this coating has worn off, you can have asphalt re-coated.

Cleaning a driveway can be a time-intensive process. It’s also tricky to get a driveway looking perfect. An issue in most instances is accomplishing an “evenly cleaned” looking surface. There are tools available to help make pressure washing a driveway go smoother. We have taken this a step further in our soft-washing method. We incorporate a cleaning solution to our soft-washing, and this effectively removes dirt and bacteria buildup much quicker. The results are longer lasting. In addition, soft-washing makes for a perfect cleaning method before re-sealing driveways.

With the number of vehicles and driveways in the Lower Mainland, it’s not hard to see their importance in people’s everyday lives. Clean concrete driveways are enjoyed by each type of individual and family, no matter class. They are easier to drive, walk, and work on. The appeal and functionality of clean driveways need no further justification.

The marketplace is full of options to have your driveway pressure washed the standard way. At Zander SoftWash, we’re delighted to offer something different and much better for the exterior of your home! Our methods are safe for the environment, highly effective, and very long-lasting. Get in touch with us to get a personalized home consultation.