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House in Abbotsford Getting Gutters Cleaned

Fall is Prime Time for Gutter Grime


Here in the north, the autumn season is excitedly anticipated by many for the warmth of colourful trees and the reason to wear comfortable sweaters. Fog, frost, and Thanksgiving all come early in our neck of the woods. And so does the rain come sooner than most would like. Fall is a great time to clean up around the yard in preparation for winter. Although we don’t get much snow in southwestern BC, atmospheric rivers have become the norm. It’s essential to look after the surfaces of your home so they stay efficient and last long. Regularly cleaning your roof helps to keep its full functionality, repelling weather and preventing leakage. Getting your gutters cleaned alongside your roof is crucially important, too.

What’s the Reason For Gutters?

Gutters have been designed as rain collection systems to divert as much water away from your house as possible. They are generally connected with your perimeter pipes, which often flow into the city’s water collection separate from sewer lines. There are places in the world with little to no need for gutters, but unfortunately, we do not have that privilege. There’s a need to divert water because of the risk that would otherwise be imposed on house foundations and basements. Buried exterior walls are often sealed in a tar coating and a membrane such as dimple mat. Between the water-proofing building requirements and the drainage schemes, basement leaks or flooding do not usually occur. Though strenuous and costly to build this way, the tight regulation and building practices generally help achieve good results concerning water damage. Beyond the need to keep water from entering your home, gutters help keep your home clean. If rain were allowed to free fall from your roof, it would hit the ground, creating mini ditches and splashing up onto your basement windows and siding.

Filled, Overflowing, Grimy & Green

All it takes is one autumn season for gutters to be at full capacity. Many people’s homes are within proximity to various trees. Leaves, pine, and cedar are the top three tree protagonists. Once they have filled your gutters, they promote moisture retention. This accelerates bacterial growth. If gutters are overflowing, this can lead to extra coverage on your roof (not suitable for roof health) and can cause stains to begin forming on the exterior of gutters. These stains are tough to remove if left un-cleaned for long periods.

When Should You Have Your Eaves Cleaned Out?

We recommend having gutters cleaned out a minimum of once per year. The best time is mid to late autumn once most debris has fallen. Taking care of all the fallen tree trash on your roof and in your gutters before the winter will allow your gutters to drain properly through the rainiest months of the year. This strategy will help everything be much cleaner, greatly diminishing the opportunity for organic growth to develop. We sometimes recommend once in fall and once in spring; however, this depends on the surrounding environment. The other remaining option is simply having your gutters cleaned with your next planned roof soft-wash. Since, in most cases, eavestroughs will need to be cleaned out alongside the roof. If you have developed bacterial formation on the exterior of your gutters, it’s best to treat it immediately. If left too long, those stains will harm the paint coatings, and you’ll require a more involved future restoration.

Let us know if this article was helpful or if you have any questions. Please contact us for a custom-tailored quote to clean your roof or gutters. We’ll happily help you achieve a picture-perfect home through our soft-washing difference.